>The Power Of The Peeper.


This practically leaves my jaw on the floor.


A brilliant career has gone down in flames.


Spitzer Prostitution Scandal: NY Gov Admits Links To Sex Ring

Even worse, Fox News reported he’s going to resign.

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He was the one good man in New York politics (alright, alright, Bloomberg’s cool, too), a shining moral light, the state’s very own (seemingly) incorruptible Mr. Smith. *sigh* I guess no man is impervious to helping himself to some outside peeper. Even those who champion the people. Oh well.*

*I’m so glad I don’t have a peen. I’d probably be sticking it in everything moving. What? I’m a Libra. That’s the sensitive artist in me talking!

Update: Wait! He apologized! Maybe he won’t resign! He looks so matter-of-fact, even in his apology. Like he’s saying, “What, n*@@a, what!?!” He took no questions from the press, then dismissed them with a quick, “I will get back to you in short order.” Translation: “So step off, bitches! That is all.” I love it! (They’ll still probably call for his resignation, though.)

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His wife’s interior monologue as she stares over his shoulder: No this muthafucka didn’t put me in this position. Where’s The Monster? Maybe she can give me some advice on how to handle this shit.

NYTimes.com: Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

5 thoughts on “>The Power Of The Peeper.

  1. >This is such a shame. Everybody thought Spitzer was a teflon don way above the sleazy stuff most politicians do. I guess everyone has an achille's heel and his was high paid hookers.


  2. >She probably has all kinds of thoughts in her head, because I know some PR person told her, "stand there and try not to choke him." The issue bigger than the hookers will be around his wife, and how she is setting a bad example for women.


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