…And The Blind Shall Lead Them.

Now that the high class hoe-loving Eliot Spitzer has resigned, effective next Monday, there will be an official changing of the guards.

New York, meet your new legally blind, black governor*!!!

Congrats, Brother Paterson!!!

Do the damn thang!!!

*Legally blind, black and the governor of one of the most powerful states in the union? That’s gotta be one bad m*thaf*cka!!!

8 thoughts on “…And The Blind Shall Lead Them.

  1. >He spent eighty grand on hoes? Hoes? WTF? He could have bought a whole hoe on Figueroa for a fistful of twennies—–one who would have been happy to provide him with a lifetime of unlimited hoeing as long as he kicked some crack rocks her way from time to time.


  2. >Laugh at us all you want. In the end we will take you down and shame you in front of the world and your family. Stupid mofos who don't know how to keep your business in your pants. Now whose got the power huh? Oh yes and we got your money too!


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