Family Guy Fridays!!!

Family Guy is not only one the greatest cartoons of all time, but I love it, love it, love it to pieces. I watch reruns nightly and live for new episodes when the show airs on Sunday nights.

In honor of my obsession with this show, I’m going to put up some of my favorite clips on Fridays. Just to keep things fun. Just to keep things light.

First, here’s the oh-so-catchy theme song.


Now, to get you caught up quickly, in case you’re not a fan, here’s a few very funny clips from the show. There’s all kinds of madness going on.

Like being mad about a fight…


Mad about an expired coupon…


…Mad about some money…


Oh, alright…you twisted my arm. Here’s one more clip, one that was quite shocking when it first aired. Enjoy, and have a most excellent weekend!!! More on Fridays to come!!!


9 thoughts on “Family Guy Fridays!!!

  1. >I've watched that AIDS video over and over again today. It's making my Friday fly by. Every time someone tries to put some work on my desk, I push it aside and play the AIDS video instead!


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