A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words.

Yup, that’s Bubba with the same reverend my beloved Obama’s been persecuted for knowing.

[click image to learn the full, quite interesting story]


Have a wonderful Good Friday and a Happy Easter (if you celebrate the holiday…otherwise, have a happy weekend!). Oh, and don’t believe every outrageous claim the scheming Clintons hurl your way.

Politico: Ben Smith’s Blog – Jeremiah Wright was White House guest

5 thoughts on “A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words.

  1. >Of course he knows Reverend Wright. The Reverend was, is, and will continue to be a well-respected leader, no matter how much the Clintons and the media try to paint him as otherwise.


  2. >Lo, Hillary & Co can't keep this up forever. Eventually the American public, even her supporters, will begin to see her for the very divisive figure that she is.


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