Stuff White Stupid People Like To Do.*

…so it can become a hit on YouTube.

I’m so glad they named these teens and put their faces all over the news and internet for what they did to that poor girl, even though they were underage. If more teens were treated like adults when they commit heinous crimes, maybe most of this nonsense would cease.

Orlando 8 arrested in beating of 16-year-old Lakeland cheerleader

*I can’t even begin to say only white people do this. Worldstarhiphop traffics in this kind of nonsense, chockful of black folks – kids included – beating each other and reveling in recording it.

12 thoughts on “Stuff White Stupid People Like To Do.*

  1. >I saw this on the news and it made me sick. If these kids were adults, they would go to prison for this. I hope they get prison time. Being under 18 is no excuse for what they did to that girl.


  2. >Here's the difference with white kids and black/hispanic kids. White kids have always had the advantage, based on their families' income, of getting off the hook for things like getting arrested, even to the point of having records expunged. That's why I think there's no fear of them posting a video. Black and Hispanic kids, however, KNOW that the law is predisposed to throwing the book at them, with much harsher penalties for the same crime a white kid might commit. This isn't conjecture. It's been proven and exposed in the judicial system time and again. I think all teens do this kind of stuff, but I don't think black and Hispanic kids would be bold enough to post it. They know their asses would be dragged to jail and might not be able to get off the hook for it. These kids obviously had some sense of entitlement and feeling that they were above the law.


  3. >I agree with Anderson. The greater society likes to point to OJ getting off the hook as the classic example of how black people often get away with crime. How absurd! Prisons are stuffed to the gills with black folks. They can't build 'em fast enough to keep up with how many of us they're trying to cram inside. OJ was a once in a millennium hiccup. That's what I think drives white people crazy. He was the one black man who got away with murder. Black people shouldn't get away with stealing bubblegum, let alone murder.


  4. >First of all, this video has become my number one knob-puller.Second, there are so many videos of gang members, white, Latino and black on youtube that you'd have to take a week off to watch them all. Unfortunately, for society at large, the gang members, not these teenage girls, end up killing their own, or being killed by their own.I just read this week about North Hollywood, my own neighborhood, where six people were shot by gang members last week alone. Most of the victimes were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with gangs.Sickness.I have to go watch this teen girl video again and get my NUUUUUTTT!Piece Out!Matt


  5. >Is it just ME? or was ol' girl just "laying" there taking it? Was this a gang initiation? I would've been KICKIN' BACK and would not have been the ONLY one leaving with scars/bruises…sheeeeet!


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