Wow. You can make a song about anything these days. I’ve heard this one before, but seeing it in video form really puts it, um, in your face. This is definitely NSFW, so make sure your speakers aren’t blasting if you’re in mixed company. I’m not kidding. Every dirty word you’ve ever heard in your life is in this song, so beware. Oh, and you might need a hot shower afterwards to wash away the memory of this wretched mess.*

*On an up note, this song makes me wanna dance!!! Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?

14 thoughts on “Um…

  1. >Anonymous, who gives a flying fuck what "white people" think other than you? They buy and play our music more than we do, so who's laughing at who? I fully expect to hear this ridiculous joint blasting out of the cars and ipods of a white kids everywhere.


  2. >Even better Glenn is that those stupid white people who buy this will be putting money into the pockets of the stupid black people who make this kind of music, which makes the stupid black people a little less stupid than the stupid white people. They're all still stupid tho'.


  3. >The saddest part is you know there are women out there who actually ask to smell their man's dick when he comes home late. Why go through all that? Just leave the m****f**ka!!!!!


  4. >i know im late but this sh*t was bound to happen. instrumentation (can't call this music – and u betta not call it hip hop) has been in the toilet for years. now this crap will be swimming in my head all day. thanks lo.


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