Bad, Bad Juan!!!

One of my favorite people and someone very familiar to longtime readers of this blog, Juan G

…just did a cruel, cruel thing. He sent me a link to a website called net-a-porter, a play on the fashion term prêt-à-porter (which means “ready to wear” clothing, or off-the-rack).

[click image to enlarge]

When he sent me the link, he had the AUDACITY to tell me to click on the part that says “shoes,” but warned me that it wasn’t for the weak of heart and to leave my credit cards in the other room.

Now, my addiction to weakness for mania love of shoes is pretty well-documented, and Juan definitely knows about it from personal conversations we’ve had. He is a mean, mean man.

Check out these Louboutins I just saw over there. *le sigh*

Why, Juan, why?!?!?

*le sigh*

7 thoughts on “Bad, Bad Juan!!!

  1. >Lo, please forgive me. I would claim I didn't know but that would be a straight up lie.But you have to admit — them some FINE AZZ shoes! Wear them in good health.Juan


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