File This Under, "No Shit, Sherlock!!!"

Why they bothered to do a study on this is beyond me. All they had to do was ask around. It’s a pretty well-known fact, myself included, and I grew up a mere five miles from the sea. In the words of my late father, I swim like a rock. (My brother, on the other hand, is part dolphin. He swims like one, anyway.)

Happy Friday, y’all!!! I promise to be more consistent in my blogging next week. The past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. Oh yeah, and if you see any black folks in a pool or at the beach looking baffled and somewhat panicked, please…throw ’em a lifesaver. Odds are they probably need it.

5 thoughts on “File This Under, "No Shit, Sherlock!!!"

  1. >You know I find this to be more true than false. I don't know how to swim and neither does my husband, but our kids do. They had swimming lessons early but that wasn't big in my house when I was growing up. We played around in pools as kids but it was mostly splashing in the water.


  2. >Hilarious. I learned to swim in my twenties and then learned to scuba dive. This is a stereotype that does seem to be true.


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