Quoting Sound Bites Will Get Your Ass In Trouble…

…especially if you just try to piggyback on something someone else said, but don’t know the history that goes along with it. Watch this fool, Republican radio host Kevin James, get his lunch and dinner eaten yesterday evening by Hardball host, Chris Matthews. James had the nerve to try to ride on Bush’s harebrained statements in Israel yesterday where he suggested that Obama would be an “appeaser” if he tried to negotiate with Iran, much like Neville Chamberlain was famously (rather, infamously) noted for being with Hitler in the run-up to World War II. (Yes, Bush dared to evoke Hitler while speaking to Jews in Israel on the sixtieth anniversary of their independence, proving Republicans are still willing to pull a rabbit scare tactic out of their asses to get their way, although the White House claims he wasn’t referring to Obama when he made his crazy statements. Yeah, right).

Anyway, watch what happens when the idiotic James hops aboard the ill-fated wave of Bush’s fallacious argument, shouting all the way, only to be outed for not knowing what the fuck he’s talking about. The fun starts about four minutes in, so be patient—the payoff is worth it. This is political entertainment at its train-wreck best!!!

12 thoughts on “Quoting Sound Bites Will Get Your Ass In Trouble…

  1. >These guys—-the Limbaughs, O'Reillys, Hannitys, this man, etc.—think they can shout you down and fast talk their way past answering questions and acknowledging the truth. Shouting might work for awhile, but you can trick people by changing the subject only so many times before they catch on. Sooner or later, the shouters are unmasked for the ignorant liars they are.


  2. >I don't know how you came across this clip….trolling YouTube? But it sho is a choice one! Wow! Kevin got caught with his head so far up his ass! Now tell me…how many of you actually knew what Chamberlain did wrong in 1938? Well, I got it wrong! I thought it was Poland that he let Hitler into. I forgot about Czechoslovakia! I mean, now that Chris M. said it, I remember from my European History classes….but I had to be reminded! Poland was the one where they first "wagged the dog" because Hitler and Goebbels totally faked an "attack" by the Poles on a German radio station on the border with Poland. The Germans dressed up prisoners like the German employees of the radio station, and then shot them all and blamed it on the Poles. They showed the film to the world and used it as an excuse to invade Poland. We have had governments "wagging the dog" ever since, leading up to the "big one" …..911! Just watch those buildings "blow up" (including the THIRD one…WTC 7) and ask yourself if a simple "building fire" would do that? But I digress…it's so easy to do when it comes to the Republicans/Neocons and their heinous crimes!


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