How You Spend Your Money.

For all you phone sexers—those of you who pay for it, that is—just an idea of what the chick who’s “blowing” you on the other end looks like.

Was it good for you? Let’s hope so, since that’s how you chose to, er, blow your money!!!

Click here for more images of the erstwhile invisible people who suck, slurp, jack, and otherwise get you off for money* – Phone Sex: The Book

*FYI, people…there’s plenty of free porn to be had on the internet (so I hear). Save your money. Put it towards your kid’s education or in a good money market fund. And good anti-virus software to protect you from the malware that’ll come your way (so I hear) while you’re surfing for all that free porn. 😉

**This is not an attack against this woman’s size. She is probably more of the norm than the stick figures we see on magazines. But this isn’t the image these phone sex companies sell to the world. They only put up pictures of what we consider “model perfect” people. If there were more variety in the images foisted upon us by the media, this woman would be more readily embraced as a sex symbol, too.

11 thoughts on “How You Spend Your Money.

  1. >A lot of these chicks have babies hanging off their titties and hips while they moan and groan and fake it on the phone. Hey make your living you can!!!!!!


  2. >By paying for phone sex you help feed this woman and her family. It is no different than if she were a checkout girl at WalMart or a waitress at Denny's. Sex is all in the mind anyway.


  3. >More cushion for the pushin as they say. Of course you'll never get to see this big'un and the only pushin she'll be doing is your credit card number on a keypad as she drains your lizard and your bank account dry.


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