I Loved This Man.

He was one of the great giants of journalism and one of the few whose word, when it came to delivering news and politics, was gospel to me. He was a champion fact-checker, balance-seeker, and the consummate interviewer, holding Democrats, Republicans, and all points in between and beyond, accountable for their words and actions. I cannot believe he’s gone. Godspeed, good man. Godspeed.

7 thoughts on “I Loved This Man.

  1. >injustice for all said it best. i feel like i lost a personal friend of mine. i think i went into shock when i got the news. it had to be repeated 3x.This is a great memorial to the ultimate "information broker"


  2. >I really respected him and was sad to hear about his passing. He spoke at my college graduation and I remember being so touched by his speech that it made me want to watch his show and I always paused and turned up the TV when he appeared on the Today show. Sad indeed.


  3. >You know because his show was taped here in DC I forget he was a national figure. Our sons played in the same lacrosse league so I got to see a different side of him. An extremely nice and genuine guy. He will truly be missed.


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