They’re Magically Delicious!!!

Talk about the luck of the Irish!!!*

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics and The Big Three

…for beating the shit out of the Lakers and bringing the championship home for the first time in twenty-two years. Way to go, fellas!!! You showed ’em how it’s done!!!

*I’ve got Irish blood anyway, so I’m totally down with all of this!!!

9 thoughts on “They’re Magically Delicious!!!

  1. >I didn't even start watching the game until the second half. That's when I expect all the action to begin and by that I mean that's when I thought Kobe would pull off something great. Huh!! Guess I got fooled. I'm glad for the Celtics, tho. Paul Pierce is the truth for real!!


  2. >Bravo.Doc Rivers deserved to be recognized as the true champion which he is. He outcoached a legend in Lakers coach Phil Jackson. In the process, Rivers denied Jackson his 10th coaching title, which would've surpassed Celtic legend Red Auerbach's nine rings.


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