WTF Was JC Penney Thinking?!?!?!

Well, maybe that’s exactly what they were thinking. Fucking. And lots of it. Including all the ways teens can figure out to have more, right under your nose, such as timing themselves to see how fast they can get in and out of their clothes before they get caught. Fucking.

Check out this new JC Penney commercial. So wholesome. So All-American. So all about fucking. Kids fucking. Your kids. In JC Penney clothes they can get into and out of (and into again!!!) in time enough to keep from getting caught. Fucking. Clothes you probably bought them! JC Penney. Encouraging your kids to lie to you and go off to the basement and fuck. What was that slogan of theirs, “It’s all inside“? I guess they weren’t kidding. Welcome to the end times, y’all!!!

7 thoughts on “WTF Was JC Penney Thinking?!?!?!

  1. >hahahahaha…yeah the good ol' days. Black and white sex ed tapes were so boring.This was so stupid, it was funny.Where in the hell do you find these things?


  2. >What da…?Ummmmm…ok…I have no words…'cept that commercial does bring back memories(LOL)! But yeah…totally unacceptable…Hey Lo!


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