Shame On The New Yorker!!!

I have read and enjoyed The New Yorker Magazine for years, but the cover they’ve decided to run for the July 21st issue’s story on Obama and the politics of fear was a really, really horrible error in judgment.

[click image to enlarge and be disgusted]

Per the magazine’s statement (quote via The Huffington Post), the illustration:

…satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama’s campaign.

Do you feel the satire? Or does the picture of Michelle with an Angela Davis ‘fro, combat boots, army fatigues, a bullet belt, and an assault rifle on her back—ready to pick off “whitey” at a moment’s notice—alarm the shit out of you? No? Then how about the picture of Osama bin Laden on the wall (because, you know, “Osama” and “Obama” sound just alike so, you know, they’re boys, you know, and are scheming together to finish America off)? What about the flag burning in the fireplace IN THE OVAL OFFICE (where Michelle and Obama are standing as they give each other a “terrorist fist jab“). We won’t even talk about Obama adorned in traditional Muslim clothing.

And they say this was meant as a satire? Like the Republicans won’t run this image in the ground until every person who ever feared the worst of people of color is intimidated and, therefore, buys into it?

Shame on you, New Yorker. You just lined yourselves up with the David Dukes of the world, only you’re worse. At least he was an open member of the Klan. Pull your sheet off New Yorker and show your true face!!!

*Thanks for the heads-up, Matt. This image has me reeling. I don’t know if I’ll ever touch a New Yorker magazine again.

16 thoughts on “Shame On The New Yorker!!!

  1. >If this is what passes for satire these days, I would ask The New Yorker to make a cartoon of this: George Bush reading My Pet Goat as Andy Card leans to speak into his ear. This is a tight shot on Bush's blank face. Inside his head is a thought balloon where his mind holds a notepad with a checklist. The hand inside the balloon has just checked #1, which reads "FIRST TOWER HIT". The rest of the numbers are yet to be checked off. #2 is "SECOND TOWER HIT", #3 is "BLAME SADAAM HUSSEIN"… and so on.See? Funny satire.Matt


  2. >Or show a cartoon of McCain where his teeth are literally falling out of his mouth, his skin is badly wrinkled and he's using a walker as he hobbles his way around the Oval Office. Oh and he's holding a big horn up to his ear like the hard of hearing used to have back in the 19th century so he can make out what people are saying. Run that New Yorker and see if all hell won't break loose. Of course they won't do it because this isn't just about satire is it?


  3. >White people in West Virginia…..the same ones who swear they will never vote for a black man period…..won't get this joke. They will see this photo is a snapshot of what is to come. Good job New Yorker. You just gave racists everywhere their very own poster.


  4. >It's a shame because this drawing is outrageous and very much a satire but every one in this country won't get that. Look at how easily we fell for everything the Bush administration fed us about why we needed to go to war in Iraq. Many of the same people who fell for that will think this picture represents the real Barack and Michelle.


  5. >Like you, I've been a subscriber to the New Yorker for years. I've always looked to them for thought provoking articles.The fact that they ran this image anywhere in their magazine, let alone ON THE COVER, baffles and saddens me.


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