All Hail Barack Obama Oboner*!!!

Because the whole world got a hard-on watching him in Afghanistan yesterday, even the haters. How can you not be in awe of this man? (Especially after what we’ve had to deal with for the last eight years.) Enjoy this video—free of journalist commentary—of yesterday’s tour.

That awesome three-pointer is just icing on an already perfect chocolate cake.

*They called him “Oboner” on The Daily Show last night. Ain’t that the truth!!!

8 thoughts on “All Hail Barack Obama Oboner*!!!

  1. >Yesterday on the show Hardball when they were showing all the black soldiers around Obama, dumbass Chris Matthews said he didn't realize there were so many black people in the military. Who does he think fights these senseless wars, rich white folks? They avoid service any way they can. It's the poor of this country, minorities, and those who see the military as an opportunity to make some steady money, see the world, and maybe have a college education be paid for after they get out.


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