Making Herstory.

Did you see it?

Wasn’t she amazing?

Even if you fall on a different side of the fence in all of this, history is history, and last night, Michelle Obama made a whole lot of people proud. Say what you want, this was a first for a people, a nation, and the world. I am so very happy it happened in my lifetime. Her speech made me proud to be black, proud to be a woman, and, most importantly, proud to be an American. This truly is the land of opportunity.

Read the speech in its entirety HERE, and watch it again in the clip below. It’s definitely worth a second (third, fourth, and more) look. This is one piece of history that bears repeating.

5 thoughts on “Making Herstory.

  1. >I cried, I cried like a big baby. She looked dazzling, she spoke eloquently, and most important she loves her man and her family dearly.Even though when they showed her mother she looked very stoic, but I could tell that she was oh so very proud of her daughter and her own accomplishments. It was a magnificent sight to witness.Im so happy to be part of this election process!!! Change Crew-G19Greensboro, NC WHAT!


  2. >I have to stand up and applaud Michelle Obama. She makes perfect sense. Me and a few friends sat and watched her speech and almost forgot that she wasn't the one running for office – she was just that remarkable.


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