Setting Us Back 400 Years.

Just when we caught a break, just when we’re fiiiiiiiiinally about to move on up

this fool

…is stirring up the mother of all pseudo-racial ruckuses. And what a fool he is, an arrogant clown of epic proportions. Behold, his pre-readied colossal grave, er, mini-mausoleum

…a monument to him sucking his own dick, already noted with his vainglorious achievements and coonified lordliness, with blank spaces for even more!!!

And did you know his children are named Roland and Rolanda? This man just can’t get enough of himself. This whole stupid mess he’s allowed himself to be used for is the perfect storm of an (allegedly…ha!) corrupt politician on his way out having the last laugh on a nation mired in racism meeting an apparent egomaniac who’ll happily play the much-worn race card (when it glaringly doesn’t apply) to further his own pathetic ambition. I hope they don’t just bar him from entering the Senate today, I hope he gets beaned on his way up the steps. Shame on him. If you’ve got black people shaking their heads at you for crying racism, you know it’s bad. These old civil rights pocket-lining scammers need to be put away forever. It’s time for an end to these SuperCoons.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!!!

*Update: They didn’t let him in!!! Go home, coon!!!

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