I Know I’ve Been Absent.

Sodafuckwhat? It’s been busy. I’ll catch up eventually.*

In the meantime, here’s some music for Friday and through the weekend. This is a live in-studio version of her singing T.O.N.Y., which is my shit (even though it’s been out for a couple/three-four months now). I’m so glad this young lady’s getting her due. She’s hella-talented and is on her own thing. Enjoy!!!

*On the real, I miss y’all. I’ll be back in the swing soon.

11 thoughts on “I Know I’ve Been Absent.

  1. >I apparently live under a rock — I had never heard this. Great tune but clearly somebody listened to Cotton-Eyed Joe by Nina Simone; it's the same story with a slightly different twist. But I'm probably one of three people under the age of 60 who may even know that son. Thanks for sharing.


  2. >Hey Juan, I know that song you're talking about. This one is different tho'. Solo's song is about a one night stand she has with a guy she really likes (T.O.N.Y. means 'The Other Night, Y?'). Now that homeboy done hit it, he's not calling or coming around anymore. I got the idea that maybe if she hadn't slept with him so fast, they could have fell in love the old-fashioned way ('I could have been in love by now if it wasn't for T.O.N.Y.', T.O.N.Y. being the one night stand that effed everything up). That's my take any way. It seems different than the Nina Simone song where the guy comes to town, effs over all the women, breaks their hearts and ruins them for any good men who might really want them and all the brokenhearted women end up leaving town out of embarassment because cotton-eyed joe came thru, used them and kept it moving.


  3. >BronxBaby, I totally see what you're saying. I think my initial response was more to the lyrics and not the video. I kept wanting to make "his" name Tony even though it was clearly talking about the other night. Also, I guess the way she was dressed leaving his apartment sort of gave it away though. But you have to admit, "Cotton-Eyed Joe" was a mess.


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