Happy Holidays, Indeed!!!

This woman is one of my favorite artists ever, and when she dropped this new single yesterday…

…I realized that ten years isn’t too long to wait when an artist is truly gifted and knows how to bring it. Sometimes you just need to simmer while life happens and gives you something that inspires you to create. I’ll take ten-year hiatuses that result in a fresh, powerful emergence over someone pumping out annual schlock any day. There’s far too much annual schlock out there. Of course, not everyone can pull off a ten-year hiatus and come back as huge a star as when he or she was last seen. This one, however, has it down to a science, as she keeps proving again and again.

February 8, 2010 (the new album’s release date) will be awesome indeed. If you haven’t heard the new song, Soldier Of Love, check it out:


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