How Black Is Your Palate?

I originally introduced a version of this game on my blog four years ago and we had a blast with it, so I figured why not bring it back around again?

Let me emphasize: this is JUST FOR FUN, so don’t go getting all PC and uptight on me. Those of you who frequent my FB page know that I’m an all-inclusive kind of girl. This game is for everybody and relates specifically to food (’cause y’all know I’m a foodie) and has more to do with personal leanings and cultural shenanigans than anything else. You might even learn something about yourselves.

Your score is based on the choices you make from the food items that follow. Once you tally up your points, see the scale at the bottom for the results.

Alright…LET’S GO!!!

Fried Chicken (30pts)…

…or Grilled Salmon (3 points)?

Potato Salad (10 points)…

…or Caesar Salad (4 points)?

Pork Spareribs (20 points)…

…or Beef Ribs (10 points)?

Watermelon (30 points)…

…or Honeydew Melon (-10 points)?

Bacon (15 points)…

…or Turkey Sausage (6 points)?

Grits (20 points)…

…or Oatmeal (10 points)?

A glass of Syrah (20 points)…

…or a cup of lean (40 points)?

Red Velvet Cake (15 points)…

…or Strawberry Shortcake (5 points)?

Grape Juice (-30 points)…

…or Grape Drink (50 points)?

(In the words of the great Dave Chappelle, “What the f*ck is ‘juice‘?!?!“)

Now it’s time to add up your score!

Point Scale

-2 – 80 You’re a tree-hugging vegan. (It’s okay. Vegans are cool. Kinda bland, but cool.)

81 – 120 You’ve never heard the term “hamhock.”

121 – 140 You’ve actually tasted a hamhock before, but it made you sick.

121 – 150 You visit friends and fam in the ‘hood/country, but you won’t eat at their homes. You also don’t partake of the swine.

151 – 175 You aren’t persnickety when you visit friends and fam in the ‘hood/country and you enjoy yourself a good plate of fried chicken, greens, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread. And pound cake. You just check first to see who cooked it.

176 – 200 You visit friends and fam in the ‘hood/country, go to family reunions, and eat most of what is put out without verifying who made it. Except for the potato salad. Because there’s always a chance that lady at the cookout with the dirty nails who no one can confirm is a relative prolly made it. With her dirty nails. Our your cousin who has roaches for roommates. If she made it, the roaches prolly helped. So nah, B. You always check first when it comes to that.

201 – 230 YOU WIN!!! YOU’VE GOT A BLACKETY BLACK BLACK PALATE!!! Way beyond the call of duty!!! You’re packing all the stereotypes and errythang!!! Be sure to pick up your prizes, Mr. or Ms. Blackest Palate of All. They include the following delightful uber-Black treats*:

A whole hog made completely out of skins, er, pork rinds…

…a bag of Utz crab chips (*mmm, crab*)…

…and some watermelon wraps

…compliments of Costco (Costco!!! WTF!?!)

Thanks for playing!!!

* Um, you don’t really get these things.

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