Lo’s Literary Lunch: Jordan Lowe’s THE STORY OF THE CARVELLD (Chapter 1)

The second aspiring writer to be featured on Lo’s Literary Lunch is eight-year-old (!!!) Jordan Lowe, who is the daughter of the very talented Larry Lowe, whose excellent photography has been featured on this very site in the past. The very precocious Jordan, who, in the past, has modeled for Carol’s Daughter

…loves to dance, draw, and do photography (with her father’s professional camera!!!), is an all-around creative spirit. I’m always so proud when I see children exploring their creativity with such bold earnestness at an early age. So I present to you, uncut and unedited, the first chapter of Jordan Lowe’s The Story of the Carvelld. Enjoy!!!

Chapter One

Once upon a time the Chocolate-Vanilla-Caramel-Dutch was stolen. In Marshmallow world Chocolate-Vanilla-Dutch was very healthy for you and very good. But at midnight the mean old witch broke into the museum and cast the guards with her wand. Just like that……..gone with Chocolate-Vanilla-Caramel-Dutch. The Carvelld, the people called it.

When the Head Chief of the museum saw that the Carvelld was missing, her and her team were determined to find out who it was. They searched for fingerprints and footprints, they looked on the cameras but the cable was cut.

The Head Chief of the museum sent her helper to see if there were more clues. She looked all around the museum. She found one of the guards on the floor. She ran to the Head Chief of the museum across the shiny marble floors with the heels of the shoes she was wearing clicking and clacking. That alerted the Head Chief that her helper was coming back. She quickly took her feet off the table and fixed all her papers and files.

The door swung open, the Chief’s papers flew off of her desk. Her helper took a few breaths, then pushed her hair back in the right place. She walked politely over to the Chief’s desk. She put her hands on the cherry wood, she said everything she saw. The Chief put her hand to her red lips then she said, “Call the Secret Spies.”

Meanwhile, at the secret hideout the secret spies hung out at, there was an argument going on. Number One, whose name was really Marlboro, Number Two, who was really Sasha, Number Three was really Jake, Number Four was really Ashley, and last but not least, Number Five was Sinko. Marlboro, was saying that their map was ancient. Sasha said “It is not at all ancient”. “But there’s yellowish stuff on it.” said Marlboro. “Well, you spil…”

A knock at the door interrupted their argument. All the spies dressed themselves up, then as usual Sasha opened the door. She turned the metal doorknob, there stood a 19 year old girl, with bright blue eyes, she also had tan looking skin, a nose that looked like it had been on a bunny, and very soft eyebrows. She cleared her throat, “I am the head Chief’s helper. You are the best at clues, sneaking around, fighting and…you’re best at everything.”

“Hey are you gonna stand around there and tell us about who you are or are you gonna stand there and tell us something important?” yelled out Marlboro. “Shhh” said Sasha. The Chief’s helper said, “Right, sorry. Well the Carvelld has been stolen. We have no footprints, no fingerprints, nothing on camera because the wires were cut. Nothing, nothing at all I tell you.” “We need you to do the job, maybe look for something the robber dropped.”

“Ok we will do the job” said Sasha (as head of the team).

Jordan is also developing her own video series, called Thoughts of an 8-Year-Old. Here is one of her episodes, all about how dangerous her two-year-old sister is, despite her deceptively-adorable appearance.

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