Um, Yeah…

I really do need to update this thing more. I’ma do better. For realsies. Scout’s honor*.


*Disclosure: I was never a Girl Scout.  In fact, I was a Brownie for exactly one week before I had to quit (strict, overly-protective southern father, wasn’t sure what kind of tomfoolery I’d be getting into in that crazy outfit, yada, yada, blah, blah, whatevs). I was there just long enough to learn that, “On my honor, I will try…” promise/law thingy.  So yeah.  I’m not exactly the one for you to be taking “scout’s honors” from.  And what-not.

I am, howsonevah, a woman of my word. Just not a “scout’s” word. Cuz I ain’t no scout.

Now I want a brownie. Lawsy…</em

5 thoughts on “Um, Yeah…

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    • Yo Banderas Books dowload kindle amazon n have a free sample reccomend if you read a sample n buy. Lolita files best femal e athor now she’s workin on the Child of god prequel, follows the early lives of Grace and Walter’s father, Benny, his brother Hailey, and Sukie as a young girl, is titledChildren In The World.


  2. biihul thank you so much for reply i was asking Lolita about her recent work, Child of God prequel was almost done so what is the new book of Lolita Files?


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