An Embarrassment Of Valentine’s Day Riches.

Season 2 of House Of Cards was placed in its entirety on Netflix today.

House Of Cards Season 2

Annnnnnnnd, as if that wasn’t bounty enough…

Native tongue hip-hop pioneers De La Soul

De La Soul

gave away their ENTIRE catalogue of music today for free (<==because that's what “gave away” means) to anyone who wanted to download it. Today and only today. I already had most of their music, but I was short a couple joints, so I was on it like a duck on a you-know. And I beat the drum to all my friends who I know are lovers of good music.

As of this very moment (yes, even as I quickly type this post), I am bingeing on the new season of House Of Cards. And I am happy. The first episode, right out the box, was bursting with ferocity.

Oh, Francis Underwood, dahling.

“There are two types of vice presidents: doormats and matadors. Which do you think I intend to be?”

Frances Underwood

How you’ve been missed!!!

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