This Is For You.

I’m in a mood. A good mood. I don’t have bad moods. That’s not my style. Not that I’m always happy, but I’m upbeat most of the time. I’m never gonna be that moody person in your life.

Happy Lo
See how happy I look? That’s me on the regular.

I’m rambling. Back to my original point. The whole “good mood” thing. I haven’t posted here in a minute. For reasons. Because busy. But longtime regular visitors to this site know that music is my first love, so I figured I’d put up something for you guys since I’ve been so negligent.

I’ve loved the group The System ever since I first heard their music in 1982.

The System

A two-man operation made up of lead vocalist Mic Murphy and keyboardist David Frank, these cats didn’t mess around, bringing the kind of serious funk/electro/R&B/synth tracks that made you run to the dance floor, like their timeless classic, You Are In My System. They also delivered when it came to slow jams, shown by their biggest hit, circa 1987, Don’t Disturb This Groove.

But I also loved their mid-tempo stuff, specifically this one joint from their 1985 album, The Pleasure Seekers

Pleasure Seekers

…called This Is For You. So I’m presenting it to y’all herewith. Because I’m in a mood. A good one. And I feel like infecting you guys with it. My good mood, that is. (I have no infections. That was a metaphor. Stop trippin’.)

So yeah. This is for you. It’s the most I can do. For now. I promise I’ll do more later. It may not be in this space (not that this space is going anywhere), but you’ll know it when it happens.

Groove on, babies…

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