Read This Book and Rise.

Blues To Blessing Cover

You guys know I don’t promote/sell a lot out here, so when I do, it’s because I want to share with you something that I truly love, believe in, and/or have been greatly impacted by in some way. To that end, I want to share an amazing book that I read by a dear friend of mine, Suzette Webb. I’m not talking about her book just because she’s my dear friend. I’m talking about it because her book genuinely shook me to the core when I read it because it is so brutally honest, real, and soul-baring in a way that is braver than most of us are willing to be in real life, let alone on the page for all to read and judge. Her book, Blues To Blessings: from Fearful to Faithful is the very candid and gripping tale of her arduous journey to realize her dreams.

It speaks to the bravery of being willing to listen to your intuition when it comes to your calling, even when everything around you – your lifestyle, family, friends, and your own fear – resists making that change. It’s about being willing to take steps which promise movement toward personal fulfillment if you do so, but can hurt like hell in the process…steps that might possibly throw all around you into chaos along the way. It’s about finding the strength to take those steps, and the internal and external struggles to even get to a place where you’re willing to entertain doing so. We all know what regret feels like and the ever-nagging angst of the coulda-woulda-shoulda’s that live deep inside us. What would you do if you were brave enough to follow your dreams? What would those around you say if you dared to do it?

I feel as though every man and woman out there can benefit from reading about Suzette’s personal journey. No matter your beliefs, her book at its core is about FAITH, and whether you are willing to step out of your fears and the fears of those you love and rise up to be your greatest selves. The beauty of rising in your own greatness is that those around you, by default, naturally benefit.

I read Suzette’s book on a flight and was both rattled and riveted by its barenaked honesty. I was caught up in it the same way I am in the intense dramas I watch on television. I couldn’t stop talking about it when I got off the plane.

I believe in this book. It came at a time when I was open to some serious introspection. At a time when I thought I already had a fire under me, it lit me up some more. I’m proud of Suzette for writing it, and I know that lives will be changed by those who read it. Mine certainly was.

You can get the paperback and Kindle versions of “Blues To Blessings” HERE.

You can get all other ebook formats HERE.

Follow Suzette on Facebook and Twitter, check out her website Blues To Blessings, and listen to her daily inspirational two-minute “B Moments” HERE.

Do yourself a favor and get this blessing. You will rise. And so will those around you who will be inspired by what they see in you!


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