Y’all Need To Do Better…

…at monitoring me!!!

I haven’t updated my site since February – FEBRUARY!!! – because I’ve been super-busy working on stuff (that I promise you’ll see soon and will, hopefully, be happily surprised by). Still…

…that doesn’t take y’all off the hook for not pressing me to post more.

DO BETTER, PEOPLE!!! CONTROL YOUR H–…er, um. I mean, nudge me more. I’m nudgeable. Act like you care, blackdammit!!!


In the meantime, I’ll be doing what I’m doing. Just remember, I do it all for y’all. (Well, most of it, anyway.😜)

6 thoughts on “Y’all Need To Do Better…

  1. Hi Lolita. Any update on the Once upon a time in Compton project with Tim Brennan & Bobby Ladd? I’ve been waiting on that pair to write a book on the subject for years. Given the mainstream attention Murder Rap (book + movie) has gained it should be big.


    • Hi Scott! “Once Upon A Time In Compton” will be coming in the first part of 2017. Tim and Bobby have an incredible story and we’re looking forward to people getting to read and hear about it. Thanks for checking in!


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