What’s poppin, y’all!!! Check it: My book Once Upon A Time In Compton, co-authored with former gang unit detectives Tim Brennan and Robert Ladd about their wild and outrageous adventures during an epic 20-year era in the city of Compton is NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK, with yours truly (moi) narrating!!!

Spread the word! Give us a listen! We cover it all, from Tim and Bobby’s times with the members of N.W.A and DJ Quik to their involvement in the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations, and more!

Imagine my soothing, alluring, yet also 🔥🔥🔥 and EXCITING voice personally regaling you with this incredible tale.

You can turn me on and off at will. But you won’t (turn me off). You’ll wanna listen to me read to you FOREVVVVVVVAAAAH. And I’ll do it. Just for you. Because that’s how I am. Just press “play.” I got you, boo!

Available on Amazon (Audible) and iTunes RIGHT NOW. And don’t forget the paperback and Kindle versions – recently republished by Tim, Bobby, and me – are also available!

3 thoughts on “NOW AVAILABLE: The Audiobook of ONCE UPON A TIME IN COMPTON!

  1. I just finished “Once Upon A Time In Compton”. I worked Gang Investigations and the Gang Enforcement Section at the Long Beach Police Department from 1992 until 1999. In addition, my father, both grandfathers, a great uncle and a cousin all retired for LAPD and my dad’s brother retired from Hawthorne, CA PD. My grandfather Williams was one of the original members of LAPDs Gangster Squad and my father took his place. Your book was the most definitive book on the most effective way to address the urban gang problems. It also showed the way cops think, feel and grieve over the things they encounter and react to. Tim and Bob did a great job especially shoveling sand against the tide of politicians and policies and lack of state of the art equipment.
    I believe I played a small part in helping to solve the car wash murders when I was the Gang Intelligence Sergeant. I interview a self proclaimed “ex” gang member who wanted to give up the info he had. I got him to speak with two of my detectives, Victor Thrash and Marc Maquire, who were working with Compton PD on that case. I don’t know how much our info helped, but we all did get a written commendation from Chief Houry Taylor. Again, thanks for writing such a great book

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