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    • Hi Jacquelynn!! I’m working on something new right now. And I’ll make sure to let you know the next time I’m in Chicago. I’ll post about it here, on Twitter and on FB. 🙂


  1. Ok I tell everyone to read Scenes from a Sista, Gettin to the Good Part, Taste Like Chicken..in that order. Then I tell em to check out Blind Ambition and not to leave this earf without reading Child of God. What’s up? Where are you? I’ve been left to read sloppy unrealistic sex scened romances in your absence. Again, where are yoooou?! (whiny voice) But fa real, I pray all is good with you, you are safe and well. And I’m glad you took your book rights back, CoG. How can someone else tell the true sense of your story. Rhetorical.


  2. Is it possible you can share some more higher resolution/quality images from the book Once Upon A Time In Compton? I bought the book, its been a great read, and some of the images were great to see, but they were all very small/low resolution/quality.

    I can’t make out much information from the Compton Area Gang’s map in the book. The images of Suge and his Pirus and those of South Side are really major.

    I only ask because I saw some were shared in higher resolution / quality on your TV page recently:


    • Hi Steez!

      Thanks for reaching out. You can find all the photos that are featured in the book via this link on Tim and Bob’s website. All the pics there are high resolution: http://www.comptonpolicegangs.com/once-upon-a-time-in-compton/

      You’ll find everything you’re looking for there, including the Compton Area Gang map, which is in full color and much crisper detail, as well as photos of Suge, Pirus, and South Side Crips.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest and for getting the book!

      – Lo


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