7 thoughts on “Contact

    • Hi Jacquelynn!! I’m working on something new right now. And I’ll make sure to let you know the next time I’m in Chicago. I’ll post about it here, on Twitter and on FB. 🙂


  1. Ok I tell everyone to read Scenes from a Sista, Gettin to the Good Part, Taste Like Chicken..in that order. Then I tell em to check out Blind Ambition and not to leave this earf without reading Child of God. What’s up? Where are you? I’ve been left to read sloppy unrealistic sex scened romances in your absence. Again, where are yoooou?! (whiny voice) But fa real, I pray all is good with you, you are safe and well. And I’m glad you took your book rights back, CoG. How can someone else tell the true sense of your story. Rhetorical.


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