I saw it last night and again this afternoon. It’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen. A master class in how to make a biopic. The best casting I’ve ever seen for a film based on real people. I was emotionally involved from the first scene down to the last. So emotionally-involved that throughout the movie my heart raced, I cheered, I sang along to music that has been an important part of my evolution, I fist-pumped, I laughed, my eyes teared. I felt all the feels. When it was over, Continue reading

Swoon, Part Deux.

I’m a big fan of Chris Cornell. Y’all know that, right?


No? Well, yeah. The throat on that cat? The lungs? That voice cured with just the perfect balance of right and wrong?

Man, oh, man.

Annnnyway…in anticipation of the release of his first solo album in four years, Higher Truth

Higher Truth

…he dropped a video for the first single, “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart,” and it’s dope af.

I’m in love.*

*I know I was in love in my last post, but hey, that’s how I get down. I love. I’m a Libra. Libras love.**

**But we’re choicey about who and what we love, so don’t get too excited… 😉

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Did my very first Storify yesterday after having an extensive conversation on Twitter about black people and our unapologetic, sometimes overzealous love of crab in relation to the shame we sometimes experience about publicly eating what is viewed as stereotypical “black food” (e.g., fried chicken, watermelon). It was fun. Enlightening.

Here it is. You might find it informative, interesting, hilarious even. And perhaps it may stoke further discourse for everyone, not just people of color.

This Is For You.

I’m in a mood. A good mood. I don’t have bad moods. That’s not my style. Not that I’m always happy, but I’m upbeat most of the time. I’m never gonna be that moody person in your life.

Happy Lo
See how happy I look? That’s me on the regular.

I’m rambling. Back to my original point. The whole “good mood” thing. I haven’t posted here in a minute. For reasons. Because busy. But longtime regular visitors to this site know that music is my first love, so I figured I’d put up something for you guys since I’ve been so negligent.

I’ve loved the group The System ever since Continue reading