I’ve been working on a project that I’m super-excited about based on two amazing men, Tim Brennan and Bobby Ladd

Bobby & Tim Back In The Day

…extraordinary police detectives whose level of work blew me away when I was first introduced to them in December 2012 and has done so ever since. Through extensive time spent with them, reviewing tons of supporting data they provided me, and researching on my own, I learned of one mind-blowing case after another where they played instrumental roles as investigators and crimesolvers. They’ve been front-and-center among some of the most iconic figures and events in pop culture history, including the beginnings of gangsta rap and the Tupac and Biggie murders.

pac and suge

Those stories only scratch the surface of what these guys have seen and done. They watched the streets of Compton run red with blood as they worked relentlessly to stem the tide of death all around them.

Bloodstained carseat

As a fiction writer who invents outrageous stories for a living, what I make up can’t even come close to the reality of Tim and Bobby’s world…

baby g

including a corruption case so epic and unprecedented, it resulted in something I’ve never seen happen in a city before.


As the go-to experts in their fields, they are highly sought-after in television and film documentaries, as well as on the lecture circuit. They wanted to write a book, which I thought was an awesome idea. Being an avid lover of television, however, and viewing it as the perfect landscape for such a powerful visual narrative, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see “KICK-ASS TV SHOW” written all over this. Things began to evolve from there.

Since my initial meeting with Tim and Bobby, I’ve met with former colleagues of theirs, gone on a most eye-opening ride along, and conducted outrageously candid interviews with murderers and criminals they’ve arrested in the past, all of whom have great regard for Tim and Bobby because they are damn good at what they do and weren’t the stereotype we often see of cops who are quick to dole out brutality and trumped-up charges. Their story also wasn’t the overbeaten theme of a white (*insert trope: teacher, adoptive family, whatevs*) saving the day for people of color. As a black woman, I’ve grown weary of that as a premise, but it wasn’t the case with Tim and Bobby. They are truly unique cops, PERIOD, exceptional at what they do. That’s what pulled me in from the beginning.


My awesome co-writer/co-creator, the talented Jay Anthony White and I have created a series inspired by the adventures of Tim and Bobby set in a particularly significant period in pop culture history – one of three television series we’ve developed as a part of a specific and highly-controversial universe, all loosely connected across a continuum of time…past, present, and future.

Masked gunman

More guns



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